Smiles for Life


The ideal time for a child’s first orthodontic exam is 8 years of age. Early evaluation provides the best opportunity to assess children’s dental development and growth. Early treatment corrects minor concerns and addresses oral habits (thumb sucking, tongue function). Multi-phased treatment works with a child’s growth to create space for successful eruption of permanent teeth or to address unbalanced jaw development. This treatment will assist in creating a solid foundation for full treatment with braces or Invisalign® treatment around 11-13 years of age.


Teenagers are in the process of maturing and finishing their active dental eruption and jaw growth. The timing of an effective orthodontic treatment plan is critical to provide the smile that will boost their confidence and create a healthy, beautiful and functional bite to last a lifetime. Scheduling an appointment to see an orthodontist, prior to the completion of their dental development, will ensure timely personalized treatment.


Adults of all ages can benefit from orthodontic treatment.

Whether it is:

  • Something that’s always been thought about
  • Relapse of previous orthodontic treatment
  • Restoring oral health

A comprehensive orthodontic exam and consultation is the first step to achieving personal treatment goals. Establishing a healthy, functional bite and retaining these desired results will maintain smiles for life.

Your Family is Our Family

We are family and we appreciate yours. We welcome additional family members into the practice for new patient exams and consultations – mom and dad are welcome too!

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