At Align Orthodontics, we understand the importance of a beautiful smile and a healthy, functional bite. We want to learn what is important to you.

During this free 60 minute visit we will:
  • 1. Establish your personal goals and objectives
  • 2. Have an orthodontist conduct a thorough orthodontic examination and collect diagnostic records

Free First Visit

  • 3. Consult with you to review your individual orthodontic needs and treatment options
  • 4. Plan and schedule your next visit
  • 5. Communicate recommendations to your family dentist.

Making your new smile achievable

Your Orthodontic treatment is an investment that lasts a lifetime. Understanding your dental benefits is essential and our experienced administrative team will assist you to determine your orthodontic coverage. Some orthodontic plans allow for direct billing of fees. Check with us to see if this is available for your individual plan.

We offer a variety of flexible, interest – free payment options that make your journey to a healthy, beautiful new smile achievable.

If orthodontic treatment is new to you we will ensure that all of your questions are answered during your free consultation and that you are well informed throughout the recommended treatment. We work with you to evaluate and monitor the dental development of your children. Children who are not ready for orthodontic treatment are followed with complimentary re-evaluation exams to identify the best time to begin any necessary treatment.