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What are TADs?

  • TADs are mini-screws of 1.2 – 2.0 mm in diameter and 5-10 mm in length, made of a surgical alloy metal that are inert (no reaction to the body) made of titanium, vanadium and aluminum.
  • They have a special head for attachment placement.

Where are they placed?

  • TADs are placed directly through the gum tissue into the bone between the roots of the teeth by your orthodontist, an oral surgeon or a periodontist.
  • They are placed in sites of greatest bone density in regions that will help to facilitate tooth movement.

Why are they placed?

  • TADs serve as a direct anchor for tooth movement or as an indirect anchor to stabilize an archwire or tooth in order to move other teeth.

What patient care is required?

  • Patients must have good oral hygiene during and after placement of the appliance.
  • A mouth rinse, which will be provided by your orthodontist, should be used prior to and 3-5 days after placement of the TAD.
  • Thereafter regular cleaning and a salt water rinse should be adequate.
  • Analgesics and an anti-inflammatory may be used for initial discomfort.
  • Antibiotics may be prescribed by your orthodontist if an infection is noted.

Are there risks associated with TADs?

  • Possible root damage.
  • TAD fracture.
  • Infection and irritation of the surrounding tissue if oral hygiene is poor.

What are the benefits of this appliance?

  • Better anchorage and control of complex tooth movements.
  • TADs are removed when no longer needed for orthodontic tooth movement.
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