Case Studies

*results may vary based on patient diagnosis and treatment plan, patient compliance as well as the duration of treatment

Case 1 – Moderate crowding, full braces with tooth removal


Case 2 – Severe underbite, full braces with ortho surgery


Case 3 – Severe Crowding, full braces


Case 4 – Eye Teeth in the palate, full braces with tooth guidance


Case 5 – Severe overbite, Phases of Treatment:
Phase I - Twin block appliance
Phase II - Full braces


Case 6 – Moderate crowding, Phases of Treatment
Phase I - Crossbow appliance
phase II - Full braces


Case 7 – Mild underbite, full braces


Case 8 – Mild crowding with overbite, full braces


Case 9 – Adult tooth removal with full braces


Case 10 – Tooth Substitution, eye tooth came into the mouth in the wrong location, full braces


Case 11 – Severe overjet, full braces with ortho surgery


Case 12 – Severe deep bite, full braces


Case 13 – Open Bite, full braces with use of TAD's